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 Q: What’s a Fair Tip for the Wait Staff?

Holiday Tips For WaitressesAre You a Cheap or Generous Tipper? We asked 100 Virginia Beach diners:

if you enjoyed a $150 meal at a fine restaurant, and the service was good, what would be a fair tip?

You might be surprised at what we heard – See Below




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Tipping - What's Fair, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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Jerry says:

I know a waitress that earns $50,000 a year and NO, what she does is not worth it. Dude, all she does is serve food. Really, is it that hard? MOST people treat their wait staff kindly so stop acting like you have is soooo hard. If you work in a bar with drunk, that’s your choice and your problem. Gees, there are attorneys that don’t make $50,000 a year. Guys that do hard labor for $10 an hour. Wait staff people think they are worth way more than they really are. So, bottom line, I’d tip $5 on a $20 tab (25%) but if I had a $350 tab and you only waited on my table for two hours you’d get about $40. I know, 11.4% but you earned $20/hour plus your $3, so $23 per hour. Pretty darn good for bringing me food (many of which are high school dropouts).

PS- I am not opposed if someone want to tip huge. Just don’t EXPECT it like what you do requires any skill of high magnitude.

miya h says:

OMG I cannot believe what I am reading! has no one ever waited tables? Are you not aware that servers make an hourly wage of around 3.00 an hour? and that they are CHARGED INCOME TAX on a minimum 8% of their sales in addition to taxing their hourly wages….. 8-10% for sad service, because they will pay taxes on that much anyway 11-18% for ok service, 19-25% for really good service…. 50$ 0n a 150$ tab not unheard of in my history but not less than 10$ however I’ve tipped 5$ for a 2$ cup of coffee…. I mean if you think the cook does all the work…. they deal with the server and the food, the server has to deal with the cook, the food, and the most difficult… YOU!

Ralph H. says:

I tip based on quality of service and number of people being served. I don’t fall into the 20%, 10% or even 2% category. If it’s good service and my family was taken care of promptly, that server will be taken care of with a “fair” tip. I don’t tip less than 10% but I don’t hold myself to that either. A 4 person tab with good service, I would be closer in the 15% range.

Ralph M says:

It depends if she’s pretty. Pretty gets 18%, not pretty gets 15%. I don’t care about the service. lol

Ian K. says:

I tip $10.00 per hour that I am there. To me, that’s all it worth just for putting my food and drink on my table. I rather pay that to the cook. He really does all the work that I came for.

Craig S says:

My wife and I generally would tip 20% for good service, and we have gone as high as 30% if we were really taken care of. However, we are pretty well off financially and can afford it. I can understand someone tipping 10% on a $150 bill. That’s $15 on of all the other tips she received during that period.

Kelly says:

It depends on how long I was there. I would NEVER give an 18% tip on a $150 tab if I was only at the restaurant for an hour. That’s $27 an hour for one table. Two identical tables that’s $54 an hour. Let’s get real, it’s not like their job is so hard they should be compensated that well. Police officers only make about $18 an hour. You can dropout of the 8th grade and serve tables. Not sure where this whole idea of 18% or your cheap ever came from. No problem with big tippers, just a problem when the wait staff thinks it due them.

Vincent says:

I tip 18% any time the service is good. No more, no less, no matter how big or small the bill is.

Tenesha Z says:

20%. Only a cheapo would give less. I am a waitress and we work hard for our tips. If the service sucks then dont tip, but if I work my tail off you better come of with the money. Of course, our meals only cost $7 or so. Unless you pig out I’ll never see a $150 tab.